The Book

This is a true story of my son, Corbin Carpenter, and his miraculous recovery from traumatic bull riding injury while riding at the 2008 National High School Finals Rodeo in Farmington, NM. The injury caused immediated and total paralysis from his chest down. Corbin's faith in God's healing power along with the determination God instilled in him brought Corbin from a life in a wheelchair to riding his horses and roping cattle again less than seven months after his injury.

The struggles and set backs that ocurred along his road to recovery was only a stepping stone to how Corbin is using this life changing event to help change the world, one testimony at a time.

"... There are few instances... in life that have the capability of stopping you in your tracks... Corbin Carpenter made that happen... Corbin Carpenter, you are my hero."

Randy, Bloomer, Bloomer Trailer Manufacturing

About the Author:

One of Theresa's favorite interests is writing. She has been writing unpublished work for a number of years. However, her first credit is the book she wrote following Corbin's tragic injury in July 2008. The book, Spurs, Chaps and Faith: The Corbin Carpenter Story was published and released a year later in July 2009. She has written several, unpublished children's stories with the intention of future publishing. The stories compiled are based on the Carpenter children and grandchildren and the collection will be titled Tales of the Carpenter Country Kids.

Through the years, Theresa has written numerous poems of growing up on the family farm, adventures on the ranch, and raising children. The work on this poetry and related stories is currently being compiled with the intention of publishing in 2010 under the title Horses, Cattle and Kids

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Spurs, Chaps and Faith: The Corbin Carpenter Story